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The big sister : Gi-Gi Chen, 29 years old.....................(age in year 2002)
Nickname : Morning Glory, The Kill-Cucaracha-Hero
Occupation : Graphic designer
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in China in 1973, in the Year of the Ox, her family wished she was a boy, but she came out as a girl, so her paternal grandparent didn’t like her. She was sent to Hong Kong to live with her maternal grandma. She immigrated to Panama, at 9 years old, with her mother, and then immigrated to the USA at 22. Her mother lied to her for 20 years about her other sisters and brother in China. When she found out, she didn’t blame her mother because she knew there must be a reason why her mom lied. When a man named Desmond was divorcing his wife and wanted to marry Gi-Gi, Gi-Gi was desperate to find a husband but she hesitated, and felt grandmother was whispering to her, “ Every woman is your sister, you cannot steal your sister husband...”

The 2nd sister : Lily Kong, 27 years old
Nickname : The Witch, The Bitch, The Drama Queen
Occupation : Student/ homemaker
Residence : From Hong Kong to the USA

Born in Hong Kong in 1975, in the Year of the Rabbit, abandoned by her mother right after birth, and fostered by a rich, divorced lady named Tao. She lived happily until age twelve, when Lady Tao remarried her ex-husband and immigrated to Australia. For some reason, Lily couldn’t go with them and was sent to China to live with Mei-Ling. Lily hated to live in the countryside of China and moved back to Hong Kong at age 19. She tried to become Miss Hong Kong, but no luck. She met an ABC named Nicky at age 22. She married him and moved to California. But Lily didn’t love Nicky, left him for New York, hoping to find a better man. In year 2001, Lily still didn’t find any better man, and when the World Trade Center collapsed, she was very scared. So, she came back to California, not knowing Nicky brought Mei-Ling to the USA. Lily accused Mei-Ling of stealing her husband. Mei-Ling’s status was fiancée visa, which means she had to marry an American within 90 days, otherwise she would have to go back to her country. So, Lily called the immigration to send Mei-Ling back to China…

The 3rd sister : Mei-Ling Kong, 26 years old
Nickname : The Good Girl, The Asian Female Dragon
Occupation : Writer to newspaper & magazine
Residence : China

Born in China in 1976, in the Year of the Dragon, her paternal grandmother tried to kill her so that her parents could have another child, hopefully a boy. Fortunately, she was saved and fostered by Auntie Lan, a never-married woman who is the owner of an orchid nursery. Mei-Ling lived for 7 years with Lily in China but didn’t know that Lily is her biological sister. When Mei-Ling was 18, Auntie Lan sent her to the best college in Guangzhou City. Upon graduation, Mei-Ling worked for a newspaper agency for two years. When she was 24, mistakenly, she married Nicky in China without a marriage certificate, got pregnant right after, and didn’t know that Nicky was actually legally married to Lily in the USA. Mei-Ling was 7 months pregnant when she arrived in Los Angeles. Lily, all of a sudden, showed up and called the immigration to send Mei-Ling back to China right after her baby son was born. Lily treated Mei-Ling very cruelly. With help of the big sister, Mei-Ling finally got a tourist visa to come back to Los Angeles to fight for her baby…


The baby sister: Mimi Kingsbury, 16 years old
Nickname : The Half-Blooded Princess
Occupation : Student, later a psychologist and a fortune-teller
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in Panama in 1986, in the Year of the Tiger, moved to the United States of America at age nine, her father is an American engineer, and her mother is Chinese. Mimi is a very lucky girl who never suffered. She has a beautiful face and body due to the mixture of both cultures. She is a very active, energetic, and caring person. She loves her parents and loves all kind of sports, including salsa dancing; she even saved her mom’s life when Lily tried to kill their mother. Her boyfriend, Oliver, is the son of a fortune-teller. When she was sixteen, she heard her dead maternal grandmother left some CDs for her sisters. She was curious about why there was none for her. The same night, she had a dream of talking to her grandma, and her grandma said, “Because you are a very lucky girl, you don’t need any CD from me. Just save your virginity until you get married, and you will be blessed all your life...” So, did she listen to grandma? (She is the narrator of the story)


The mother : Lotus Kingsbury, 50 years old
Occupation : Boutique owner
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in China in 1952, just three years after the Communism of Mao took over China in 1949 (Mao’s era 1949-1976). Lotus is from a wealthy Chinese family. Unfortunately, Lotus’s grandparents’ assets were confiscated when Communist was in power. Life was difficult since then. Most people wanted to leave China for overseas, but Lotus was in love with the talented song writer, Mr. Chen, and refused to leave China. Lotus married Mr. Chen in 1972 and had four children, three daughters and one son. Two daughters (Lily and Mei-Ling) were born illegally and forced to abandon, because the legal quota was two children for her. (In the city, only one child is allowed. In rural villages, you could have a maximum of two children legally. Although the one child policy was official introduced in year 1979 to the whole country, but the two child policy has been practicing since 1973 and 1975 in some provinces.) Lotus suffered a lot back in China due to the one-child policy, plus, seeing her grandmother die in pain during the Cultural Revolution in 1970’s. Lotus regretted staying in China; she had a chance to immigrate to Hong Kong, but she didn’t take it. Finally, Lotus had had enough pain and divorced her first husband quickly in 1982. She started to hate China and swore never to go back. In 1982, when Lotus immigrated to Hong Kong and met up with her nine-year-old first daughter, Gi-Gi, who was living in Hong Kong, Lotus told a big lie to Gi-Gi in order to make Gi-Gi hate China, too. Lotus said, “Gi-Gi, your father dumped me because I couldn’t give him a son. Let’s immigrate to Panama and never go back to China and never see your father again.” Lotus married the second time to a Caucasian American man, Jim Kingsbury, in 1985 in Panama. She gave birth to her youngest child, Mimi, also in Panama, in 1986. They all came to the United States of America in 1995. Lotus started a boutique business. 20 years later, in 2002, Gi-Gi realized Lotus was a big liar who hid the truth from her for 20 years. but Gi-Gi didn’t confront Lotus because Gi-Gi loves Lotus. However, Lotus is a beautiful and creative person. She’s on her fifties but still in good shape. Mimi adored Lotus and said she is the best mother in the world. Lotus has a total of five children.


The American father : Jim Kingsbury, 52 years old
Nickname : The Hero from Heaven
Occupation : Engineer
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in Wisconsin, USA in 1950, a Caucasian; his father was English and his mother was Italian. He looks more like an Italian with dark brown hair. He is very sporty, very active, handsome, and well-built. He was in the military in Texas and, later, was sent to work in the Panama Canal. In 1985, when Jim was thirty-five, he saved Lotus’s life when the Mafia kidnapped Lotus and tried to kill her. Lotus called Jim a hero and married him—second marriage for Lotus, first marriage for Jim. They have a daughter, Mimi, born in Panama in 1986. Jim taught Lotus how to speak English. They came to the USA in 1995. Married for seventeen years, Jim divorced Lotus in 2002, with the purpose of saving Lotus’s life. Lotus didn’t know the truth and started to hate Jim—Jim is actually the perfect husband and the perfect father. Will Lotus ever forgive Jim?


The Chinese father : Mr. T. X. Chen, 55 years old
Occupation : Professor and writer
Residence : Guangzhou City, China

Born in 1947, from a poor family, in the countryside of Guangdong Province, China, 100 percent Chinese, he is a hardworking and intelligent person and a romantic-song writer. He could write a song instantly and sing it right away. (But in old China, writing songs couldn’t make much money.) His talent attracted Lotus, and Lotus accepted to marry him in the year 1972. After their first daughter, Gi-Gi, was born in year 1973, two years later, in 1975, Chen received a government scholarship to study for two years in Beijing and one year in England. He didn’t know Lotus had abandoned their two daughters (Lily and Mei-Ling) right after birth because he was far away from home. He didn’t know the real reason why Lotus divorced him. Twenty years later, in 2002, Chen came to Los Angeles and confessed the truth to Lotus that he actually wasn’t the type of man Lotus thought he was. It was Chen’s mother who created the mess and made Lotus hate Chen.

The Chinese brother : Willy Chen, 23 years old
Nickname : The Chinese Michael Jackson
Occupation : Singer and songwriter
Residence : Guangzhou City, China

Born in China in 1979, in the Year of the Sheep, resides in China, the only son of Lotus and Mr. Chen, 100 percent Chinese, his mother, Lotus, left him when he was only two and a half years old. He never met his mother until he was twenty-three. Willy has his father’s talent; he can write a song instantly and sing it right away. He is handsome and intelligent. He always wished to find his mother. With the help of his online friend, Jing-Jing, in Los Angeles, he started a webpage searching for his mother, Lotus, whom he has never met. When he finally met his mother in the year 2002, he understood his mother’s difficulties and grief and didn’t blame her. He wrote a song called “Mama, Sister Please Don’t Cry.” Willy made his mother very happy with his song, and, because of this song, his mother forgave his father after twenty years of hate. Later, Willy fell in love with Jing-Jing but was concerned of the long-distance relationship.


The God-sister : Jing-Jing Peterson, 22 years old
Nickname : The Reborn Princess
Occupation : Student, later a psychologist
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in China in 1980, in the Year of the Monkey, 100 percent Chinese, abandoned by her biological parents, sent to the orphanage, adopted by rich American parents at seven, and moved to Los Angeles, California. Like a fairy tale, an unwanted Chinese child became an American princess. After she became a princess, she wasn’t happy because the kids in school made fun of her because she didn’t resemble her German mother. Jing-Jing cried every night and suffered from depression for two years and tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, her brother, Michael, took her to see a psychologist and cured her depression by taking her to find her roots in China and accept the reality. When she returned to Los Angeles from her trip in China, she yelled at her school classmates, “I am an unwanted child from China, so what? Do I need to change my skin color? My GPA is 4.8, how about yours?” Since then, the kids stopped making fun of her. Jing-Jing is grateful to the psychologist and swore to become one herself.


The shy guy : Michael Peterson, 39 years old
Nickname : The American Rabbit
Occupation : School owner, formerly a doctor
Residence : Los Angeles but works in China

Born in the USA in 1963, in the Year of the Rabbit, from a rich family; his father is fifty percent Chinese and was a cardiologist, and his mother is pure German and also a doctor, that makes Michael 25 percent Chinese. Michael adored his dead Chinese grandmother, and he has deep feelings for China. For some reason, he had quit being a doctor and went to China to teach English. He opened up a few languages school in China in 2001. Since Beijing Olympics was coming in 2008, his school business grew very strong, although not making much money. Michael didn’t date for a several years until he met Gi-Gi. He found out about a Chinese girl singing in Spanish, who was really cute. One day, Michael proposed to Gi-Gi through webcam. Gi-Gi asked him, “Why don’t you propose to me in person?” Michael replied, “Because I am a shy guy.”


The romantic man : Kerry Morrison, 38 years old
Nickname : The American Dragon
Occupation : Attorney
Residence : San Francisco, CA

Born in San Francisco in 1964, in the Year of the Dragon, 100 percent Caucasian, when he was thirty-two, he went to China to visit his uncle who was a professor in the Guangzhou foreign language university, so he met Mei-Ling who was a student of his uncle’s. Kerry spent three months in China and fell in love with Mei-Ling’s beauty and good personality. Kerry had a feeling to marry her, but Mei-Ling was too young. She was only nineteen or twenty. Kerry was a romantic person, but he knew Mei-Ling was not yet ready, so he gave up, went back to San Francisco, and married someone else. His first marriage only lasted for a few years, he got divorced. In year 2002, he got a phone call from Mei-Ling by surprise. He came to Los Angeles and helped Mei-Ling for her complicated lawsuit…Did he help Mei-Ling to win the lawsuit?


The ABC : Nicky Chong, 33 years old
Nickname : The Chinese Donald Trump/American Rooster
Occupation : Real estate investor
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in Fresno, California in 1969, in the Year of the Rooster, he is a 100 percent American-Born Chinese (ABC), handsome, tall, well-built, hardworking, intelligent, obedient, and smart. He met Lily in Hong Kong and met Mei-Ling in China. He married both sisters, created a messy love triangle, and had a baby with Mei-Ling. Some people thought he was a bad person, but he actually wasn’t. When the two sisters were fighting in the court, did the judge find him guilty for being married to both girls?



The fortune-teller’s son : Oliver Lee, 16 years old
Nickname : The Reincarnation Son
Occupation : Student, later an engineer
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in the United States of America in December of 1985, in the Year of the Ox, 100 percent Caucasian, abandoned by his teenage biological mother right after birth, and was adopted by a Chinese fortune-teller who resides in Los Angeles. He is quiet, cool, shy, thoughtful, and obedient but doesn’t smile often. He suffered from secluded depression until he was sixteen and met Mimi, a very outgoing and happy person who helped him come out of the depression. Oliver is only six months older than Mimi. He fell in love with Mimi’s exceptional beauty and happy personality. Oliver’s father always wished him to become a fortune-teller in the future, but he actually wasn’t very interested. However, he couldn’t just reject the old Chinese man who raised him and treated him like real son. Oliver had foreseen that Lotus would die in year 2002; he borrowed the magic mirror of karma from his father, teamed up with Mimi, to save Lotus’s life...


The fortune-teller : Mr. J.C. Lee, 58 years old
Occupation : Fortune-teller, Master of feng shui
Residence : Los Angeles, CA

Born in China in 1944, he is 100 percent Chinese and moved to Hong Kong, at age five, with his parents when the Communists took over China in 1949. His father was a famous fortune-teller and made very good money, because the Chinese strongly believe in feng shui and fortune-telling. Later, in year1985, for some reason, he had to leave Hong Kong and moved to Los Angeles, California. He adopted Oliver and treated Oliver like his real son. He has an antique magic mirror that can fix incurable problems, see hidden things, and can foresee the near future…He calls this mirror “The Mirror of Good Karma”.